Monday, August 15, 2011

"A Black Hole"

Let us compare it to a black hole
A phenomenon to be appreciated

An awareness of the effect has taken place
(I’ve fallen past his event horizon
To the point of no return)
I feel the gravitational pull
One that is too strong to resist

I shamelessly (hopelessly) give in
And orient myself in his direction
Pure magnetism

His presence enhances the longing in absence
My heart strains to be near his own
Reeling in a mysterious sense of connection
Curiosity swells as my thirsty heart takes a drink

Inversely I fear the darkness of it
Maybe it’s better to be left unexplored
Considering potential repercussions if not
Is the personal (emotional) risk worth it?

Its force shakes my unsteady core
But I’m already succumbing to the influence
Can the enticement be trusted?

But my mind/heart constantly aches
And I simply adore him
So what else am I to do?

I offer my out-stretched hand
To take the leap into the beauty
Of the vast unknown

COMMENTARY: This poem is reflects Bella's coming to terms with her feelings for Edward in Twilight. I think of the part when she is laying in the woods and realizing how she feared for him during her dream. She knows she is in too deep. Despite knowing the truth about him, she doesn't want to be without him. She is slightly apprehensive and doesn't know how it will all work out, but she is determined to be with him. What they have is special, a black hole.

"...It doesn't matter what you are, it's too late." "I would rather die than stay away from you" Love is not logic ;)

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  1. Novetry... what a great concept. Love the poetry. Keep it up! :)